Game Idea Development: (All in one)


Check list:

  • mood board on games, characters and background
  • other games*
  • what is good  and bad
  • how they link with yours
  • storey elements
  • character design
  • background design
  • colour design
  • your book work
  • digital work
  • jiffs*
  • development
  • your character
  • your character sprits
  • your story*
  • your background
  • your background tiles

Game Type:

A Side to side 2D platform game with physics that allow the characters to jump up and be drawn down, giving the sensation of gravity, similar to popular vintage games such as; Mario Bros. and Yoshi Island.

NES_Super_Mario_Bros.png Yoshi's_Island_(Super_Mario_World_2)_box_art.jpg


Art Style:

Rendered in a retro art style composed of pixels which is synonymous with classic vintage games. e.g. Warioland and others

Wario_Land_Box_Art.jpg ae9a92cc7e4d3fe13c1d53e8d8a22e96.gif


First Game Idea a retro monster shooter:

The objective of this game is to go through level by level killing all the infected humans that have mutated into unrecognisable creatures…

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.43.01

Premise of the game:

You start off in a lab run by the BioSphere corporation. Playing as the main protagonist Micky Clay you fight your way through a series of scenarios. Place by place you begin finding new items such as; guns, armour and unlocking new abilities to help you prepare for the final Encounter. There will be story elements embedded to this game for reference to other games I make.

BioSphere LOGO:



You must save as many innocent lives as you can, and equip yourself with new guns and armour to stand more of a chance of survival. The end goal of this game it to discover the truth regarding the origins of these monstrous beings, and unraveling the dark seedy truth about the organisation. Once you arrive to the final level you find a dig site deep below the earth’s surface. You find a non-human (alien) Precursor. These specimens are being examined by the BioSphere Industries.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 19.57.17

The final out come for the BioSphere Industries LOGO’S

BioSphere Industries is a multi-trillion dollar organisation that do biological experiments to… benefit the human race, however, they are actually carrying out unethical procedures to benefit themselves. This game does not have a name (nameless).

Second Game Idea a retro prison death-match survival:






Name Slashers Star

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 16.47.55.png


A Company made a reality TV show about a live death-match when you bet on the winner. All the people that are used in this death-match are in there words bad people taken from prison to fight to the death and actually help to society by becoming entertainment themselves. These people can consist of  killers, rapes  to illegal drug abuse, theft and robbery . And even people that have been payed into the games by taking them making a new identity full of crimes and forces to play.

There will be various mods throughout the story. It will consist of:

  • Twin Kill (Twins by Numbers)
  • Team Death-Match
  • Boss Levels
  • Death-Match
  • Stealth
  • Mini Games. And these will consist of
  • Cards / Poker, Black jack, Go Fish and Cheat
  • Street Dice
  • Pool for only the well behaved prisoners under heavy guard or bribes
  • Even Chopsticks

The TV national success show is call Slasher Star. Bring in millions of dollars throughout the globe getting more than enough income to pay for more expansion.

There is a Multiplayer Mod called Show Time. Where you make a online character and play with your friends. This is how it works… once you have clicked on Show Time you will be placed in a public session where you can run around play Mini Games and join friends or go to the heavy guarded door to start a death match then choose your mod.

Character Style Development:



yoshi_sprite_by_eri_tchi-d4lcsww.pngRetro Mario 2.png



Idea Survival Game:

The objective of this game is to survive a week of non stop slaughter. Through level by level killing all the infected humans that have mutated into unrecognisable creatures…


You start with in a police station taking your mug shot. this is where you can customise your character such as the way he looks and his back story (how he got in prison in the first place). After you have chosen your character look and backstory  you are purchased by the BioSphere corporation to represents/feature in the Slasher’s Star Event.

Slasher’s Star:

Run by the a corporation. Playing as the main protagonist 007 you fight your way through a series of scenarios. You begin finding and building new items such as; guns, armour, melee weapons and Key items to help you in each level and prepare for the boss Encounter. There will be story elements embedded to this game.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.43.01

People in the BioSphere corporation made a TV show about a live death-match when you bet on the winner. All the people that have used in the event are bad people that have been incarnated taken from prisons to star in the great game of slasher’s star. These people are killers, rapes, robbers, drug dealers and others.

The TV national success show is call Slasher Star. Bring in millions of dollars throughout the globe.

Run by the BioSphere Organisation. There is a main protagonist he is prisoner 006. You have a friend that is prisoner 007. He was incarcerated with you. He helps you out all throughout the game getting you out of trouble never snacking on you and giving you and giving you items. He is in your eyes the only man you can trust in prison. you and your friend has been spending the last week finding a way to escape form this sick place but on the day you where going to finally break out before the last game you and your 007 get court and are beaten up and brought back for the final game. This will be the hardest level and at the end you will been given a choice to either kill your friend and get given your freedom or let your friend kill you so he is given freedom.

The two game characters I made are in to different styles, such as the first is more of a detailed and horror fear inducing aspect to the drawing, but the second is more cartoony and child friendly.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.43.01Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.43.15

A first idea what it would look like in game.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 19.48.14.png

Background and Tiles:


The background is of a abounded town close to the maximum security prison left for the slashers star games. after the first season it became a smashing hit to the how world or whats left of it.


A armed and electrified wall goes around the the battle grounds where armed personnel guards are placed for stoping the prisoner from having a riot. By having a high vantage Point guards are able to shoot prisoner with little to no chance of survival. No one has lasted more than 5 mins (mod is called survival).

electric2.jpgScreen Shot 2017-12-13 at 09.36.56.png

Character design based off:



To get the colours for my character, I used Adobe illustrator , I new I wanted a dark set of colours, as my game is set in a prison and they are not happy places.

This lead me to have a set of colours that work well with each other, taking this into consideration I used the browns for shade of the person showing depth (as shown by the gif’s).

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 10.23.50.png


Character movement:

Walking-Giff.gifThis is my walk cycle, however in the gif it looks like he is moon walking but I am sure it will workout fine in the final animation. To create the walk cycle I used photoshop, I set up my page to have 500 width and 500 hight in pixels with 72 resolution. Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.28.22Followed up by this, I dragged and down all 8 stages of my walk cycle that I created on illustrator to then have 8 layers of the walk cycle on photoshop,

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 00.12.31.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 00.12.07.png

After having all 8 layers in Photoshop I created the frame animation.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.31.25 I then put all the stages in order, followed up by making the animation go on a continuous loop and setting the walk cycle stages to change every 0.1 second.


For my second gif I created a running cycle I increased the mobility in the arms, legs and hair to give the real effect that he is moving and was the same as the first in that is was 8 frames long. The difference between the walking and this is that this shows you what he looks like when he runs making it look better than the walk when in reality they are the same when still.

standing-still.gifI also made a standing still gif and an extra that is a ground side


The basics made in unreal



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